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MacDermid Plc Offshore Division employees are dedicated to the offshore oil and gas industry and have either been part of this industry for a number of years or have received training to ensure they are familiar with up to date Offshore Technology.

Lab Support

MacDermid has a number of laboratories to utilise to ensure you, the customer, get the correct level of chemical support where and when required.

Our main facility is in the North West of England based at our Wigan Plant, this is where most of the research and development work is carried out. We also have a number of analytical devices at our disposal within this facility, such as IR and RI.


We also supply customer service sampling in

  • Aberdeen
  • Rio
  • Houston


Should a sample or a technical project require a more advanced technology we have a fully equipped laboratory in Birmingham UK, this lab has analytical devices such as Atomic Absorption, Inductively Coupled Plasma, Scanning Electron Microscope, Chromatography and Environmental Spray Chambers.


Macdermid can give training in fluid handling and/or particle contamination counting and control.


      Fluid handling, health and safety

      Important properties of fluids

      Design criteria, fluid and hardware

      Environmental aspects of fluid use

      Fluid maintenance and common problems

      On site quality testing (used and new fluid)

      Reasons for fluid cleanliness

      The different types of particle counters available with pros. and cons.

      Manual Particle counting (ARP 598B) training

      NAS 1638 classifications and equivalents

      Filtration and filter types

      The use of microscopes for particle analysis

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On Site Support

On-site support can be offered around the world, we have staff trained and certified to work offshore throughout the world including the rigorously controlled Norwegian, Dutch and UK sectors. Many of our staff are used to working in an offshore environment and have spent many hours working on Sub-sea Control, Compensator or BOP systems in situ.

MacDermid Plc can also offer technical expertise during manufacture from a particle counting service to storage and flushing advice. We can also offer personnel to oversee cleanliness and flushing, even to certify equipment clean.


Technical Meetings

The MacDermid staff have years of experience to offer and can attend technical meeting to discuss material compatibility or to aid in trouble shooting teams solving problems.


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